WELcome On the WEBSITE of JAAP soccer

I have been employed at Cimar Electronics B.V in Veenendaal since 1994


I am doing this with great pleasure.

I work as an inspector / finisher in electronics.


Since my son went on soccer at DOVO Veenendaal,

I film all the matches.

I also regularly write the game reports of his soccerteam.

My first video that I put on YouTube was a free kick by Christiaan during the school soccer tournament in Amerongen (please, watch the video below)



From this free kick was scored, later there were more match moments.

In the end I started broadcasting competitions, so that the players of our team could also learn something from it.


Last December 2017 I filmed a futsal tournament from DOVO in Sporthal Oost in Veenendaal.

Something remarkable happened there, Rafael Mamba was allowed to take a penaltie, the ball went into the goal, but also his shoe went into the basket.

I was lucky that I had filmed the whole thing, the video went viral.

This is the link of the video https://youtu.be/xYu3VbuSPXU


This video aroused the attention of Jukin Media, a production company, and these now represent my business, namely bringing it to the attention.

This cooperation went well from the start.

In 2018 this video was chosen by DWDD as the movie of 2018, here is the link for the summary of this broadcast https://youtu.be/xgjr5nkXSF8

To further improve my channel you can make a donation, this is the link paypal.me/JaapDrost